The Europe-ASEAN Business Alliance advocates on key policy issues on behalf our members. We are committed to working alongside government and industry on developing policies that are beneficial for all parties.

Trade and Investment

Trade and investment are drivers of economic growth, and the Europe-ASEAN Business Alliance is a supporter of free trade agreements between Europe and ASEAN countries. In order to create new economic opportunities and improve to long-term prosperity for the ASEAN region, we will continue to advocate for reductions in trade barriers, standards harmonisation and a further liberalisation of the national investment regimes.

Innovation and Competitiveness

The EABA supports an innovation agenda that allows the free flow of information across borders, removes impediments for innovative companies to access funding and for the continued development and enforcement of robust intellectual property laws. We believe that further economic integration and cooperation by ASEAN member countries will allow for greater competitiveness and opportunities for both ASEAN and European companies.

Building a Healthier Environment

We are committed to working with regional governments and other stakeholders to build a healthier environment for the ASEAN region. The EABA engages on issues such as improving food safety and nutrition, standards of care for patients and the efficiency of health care systems to better improve the lives of ASEAN citizens.

Infrastructure and Energy

The Europe-ASEAN Business Alliance is committed to helping sustainable development in the ASEAN region by showing that healthy economic growth, high living standards and environmental protection can be mutually supportive. We support effective and reliable infrastructure as a key component of economic competitiveness and for improving living standards and trade with the region. We support innovation in green and clean technologies and the responsible transfer and development of natural resources.