Q: What does the Europe ASEAN Business Alliance (EABA) do?

A:  The Europe ASEAN Business Alliance (EABA) is a member driven Business Alliance of leading European companies present in the ASEAN member countries. We provide a platform for dialogue between government and business on trends and policy issues relevant to the ASEAN region. Our members are influential leading European companies from across a variety of sectors.

Q:  What benefits do we get from joining EABA?

A:  EABA provides member companies the opportunity to connect with new government stakeholders from Minister to Director-General / senior policy makers on a personal level through it’s business missions. EABA’s high level Lunch Talks offer its members industry and government (ASEAN, APEC, etc.)  discussions with like-minded leading European companies, as well as private industry and government leaders. The regular information knowledge newsletter and members only website section also offers members up to date information on industry specific and ASEAN developments.

Q:  How are EABA’s business missions different from other organizations’ business missions?


  • EABA’s business missions are member driven, this means that members decide which countries of interest they want to visit. EABA is not driven by any government funds, and therefore has the nimble approach to meet the needs and requests of their members
  • EABA’s nimble approach allows members to get to know first-hand the government’s agenda in terms of promoting FTI
  • EABA’s small delegations size allows participating companies ample  ‘face to face’ time with senior policy makers and government stakeholders, to present their 
  • EABA’s small delegation size not only offers participating face to face time with senior policy makers but also the length and quality time spent with them has provided participating members with high visibility, opportunity to advocate on specific issues of concern, aspiration for a particular market, as well as personal invitations for future business opportunities

Q: What is an insight session?

A: EABA holds insight sessions in the form of Lunch Talks on a regular basis, whereby senior guest speakers from the private industry and / or government are invited to share their insight on current topics and trends related to ASEAN.

Q: How are the topics of interest for the Lunch Talk chosen?

A:  The members choose these topics of interest, based on industry developments and current trends related to ASEAN

Q: What topics has EABA discussed in the previous Lunch Talk sessions?


  • The political climate and risk assessment of the region, by Simon Long, Asia editor of The Economist
  • Infrastructure Trends, Challenges and PPP’s in the ASEAN region, by Head of Infrastructure Finance and PPP of the World Bank (Global) based in Singapore
  • The Japanese position with regards to ASEAN by the Special Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan
  • ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, its milestones and deadlines across sectors as well as insights on what the AEC means for businesses by McKinsey Global Institute,  Business and Economics Research Arm, Singapore

Q: What other events has EABA organised?

A: EABA has organized a series of events, networking and information knowledge such as:

  • Insight sessions in the form of Lunch Talks
  • Ambassadors breakfast meetings
  • Post mission networking events
  • Information knowledge on economic, political and market development across a wide range of industries

Q: Who are EABA’s members?

A: EABA’s members are a selected group of leading and influential European companies such as:

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Roche
  • Rabobank
  • Shell
  • Unilever
  • UBS

… amongst others. Full list of EABA members


Q: How can my company become an EABA member?

A: Please email us to receive more detailed membership information 


Do you still have questions? Contact EABA team